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HB2096 now would outlaw any voluntary paycheck deductions – period. All voluntary deductions from paychecks for public workers would be outlawed. That includes deductions to their unions and even to charities. HB2096 also severely restricts collectively bargaining for public sector unions and completely gets rid of the arbitration process. Governor Brownback and some Kansas legislators want to stop public employees from raising workplace concerns and deny them many of the benefits and protections they deserve.

There was also an amendment offered to HB2096. Senator Love proposed an amendment that would allow some paycheck deductions, but only to non-profits and charities. Senator Holland had several questions in regards to Love’s amendment. He asked why Union deductions were being singled out? Senator Holland stated, “We talk about freedom, but we are meddling with whom people can conduct business with”. He also stated that it’s not correct to discriminate against certain organizations on who can receive paycheck deductions. When Senator Love’s amendment came to a vote it did not pass.

The bill has been “passed over” for now. What this means is that final action has not been taken, but it most likely will at some point.

Brother and Sisters, the current Kansas legislation is acting on bills that effect our livelihood, our families, and our union. Local 304 currently has 2 contracts that are aggressively under attack, City of Chanute and City of Hoisington. This legislation is eliminating the rights of workers to collectively bargain. When they are done with public unions, they will not stop. Its time to stand together with our Brothers and Sisters and make our collective voices heard!

Senate bills, SB179 and SB212 both passed favorably out of the Senate Commerce Committee as HB2096. HB2096 was originally a measure that dealt with political yard signs, and neighborhood associations right to regulate yard signs. This bill is now an ANTI-WORKER bill that combines SB179 and SB212. HB2096 now would outlaw any voluntary paycheck deductions. No union dues deductions, no charity deductions. All voluntary deductions from paychecks for public workers would be outlawed. This is a clear attack on the public employees rights to freely associate. HB2096 also severely restricts collectively bargaining for public sector unions to minimum wages, and salaries, and completely get rid of the arbitration process. This would hamper public employees from raising workplace concerns, and many benefits and protections would be denied. These workers are the ones that provide and maintain our electricity, plow our streets, pave our roads, teach our children, make sure our streets are safe, dispatch and respond to our 911 calls, and make sure our state and local governments operate.

“Those who would destroy or further limit the rights of organized labor – those who would cripple collective bargaining or prevent organization of the unorganized – do a disservice to the cause of democracy.”
– President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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