This administration has and will in the future be very careful on how your dues monies are spent. We try to deal first with local venders who are fair employers and have union made products first and made in USA second. We try to patronize local business as this supports our local economy.

It has come to this office’s attention that the pocket calendars we bought for our stewards and unit chairmen and a few to have here in the office have been printed by a union printer, has the calendar made and printed by union craftsman, but the cover is made in CHINA. We have contacted the vender and are currently trying to work this out. We try very hard to not have this type of thing happen but this got by everyone in our office. This is a case of complacency where we have trusted the vender rather than to inspect as we have in the past.

In a global headed economy this will be an increasing issue. If and when we all do our part in spending a little more for fair products we all win in the end.

Thanks for your understanding.

Happy New Year 2014

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December 23, 2013

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